Shalva Dzneladze
Shalva Dzneladze


Graphics, painting


Shalva Dzneladze was born in region of Chokhatauri, village Burnati in 1892. He studied at primary school in Kutaisi Real College and taught by V. Krotkov.  After Kutaisi, he continued studying at Tbilisi school of Society for Promotion of Fine Arts. During 1913-1917 he was studying with pedagog F. Krichevsky at Kiev Art college which was part of the Sankt-Petersburg Imperial Art Academy.

Shalva Dzneladze returned to Georgia in 1917. After that time, historical themes took central place in Dzneladze’s artwork, particularly history of his native land Guria (Gurian peasants liberation movement in the 40’s of the 19th century and Guria Rebellion in 1905).

Artist main medium is graphic, also he rarely created paintings as well. Dzneladze small-scale works are mostly produced with pencil on paper, he also used sanguine, ink and acrylic.

Gurian nature landscape was very inspirational for Dzneladze, he created ethnographic works and typical faces of Gurian peasants.

The most part of Shalva Dzneladze artworks are stored in Georgian National Museum, some of them are kept in different museums storages (G. Leonidze Georgian Literature Museum, National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, National Archive of Georgia, Kutaisi David Kakabadze Gallery, N. Berdzenishvili Museum of Chokhatauri Local Lore)

and in private collections as well.

Selected Exhibitions:

2018  - Tbilisi History Museum (Karvasla), Georgia

1970 - Solo show, Publishing house “Merani”, Tbilisi, Georgia

1935 - Solo show, National Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia