Art Advisory Services

Art Advisory Services

Daraba team is ready to consult you for gathering your collection as well as helping you in the process of selecting particular artworks for the apartment, office or public spaces according to different parameters or your budget.


Individual Advisory service includes:

  • Gathering/Renewing collection for emerging and experienced collectors
  • Working on the concept development for the collection and defining thematic directions of it
  • Researching particular author’s works
  • Researching particular story of the artworks (provenance)


You can also use additional Advisory  Services of Daraba 

  • Professional photo shooting of the collection
  • Inventorying the collection and preparing the catalogue
  • Organizing exhibition of the collection
  • Preparing/framing artworks for the display
  • Exposition design in private and corporate spaces
  • Formatting interior design with particular artworks / visualisation with photomontage; installation/setting
  • Packaging the artworks and delivering world-wide
  • Preparing needed documents for exporting artworks abroad